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100% Reliable

Your order will be safe with us, your order will be delivered safely. We are a Dutch company with over 7 years experience in trading rsgold. With thousands of customer feedback messages it is easy to see we are serious about our business. Check the activity on the forums and view the feedback page to see why people order at RSmarkt, 100% reliable and fast service.

Fastest delivery

With a very simple order process we can deliver your order faster then anyone else! No account creation and verification process, simply enter your details and complete the payment. After payment you can join the livechat and pickup your order without waiting. The oly exception comes with Paypal payments, as the terms of service set by Paypal require us to do more extensive checks to prevent fraud. Just ask for an admin in the livechat to order with Paypal and we can do those checks in real time so you can still pickup your order within minutes! The livechat is online during most of the day untill late in the evening.

Super Service

Using our livechat you can recieve realtime support on any issues or questions you might have. Need more RSGP for the same price? Just ask us for a good coupon code or ask for an admin to make a special deal. We are here to help.

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The best price

Looking for the best RSgold prices?

You have come to the right place! Have you seen a better price somewhere else in europe? Contact an admin in the livechat to make a special deal, we are online during the day and untill late in the evening!

Please be aware of the following:

-Buying RSgold is perfectly legal
-Buying RSGP is against the RuneScape rules
-Possible RuneScape account sanctions when buying RSGP
-Never give your bought RSgold away, we never ask for gold back!
-Do not believe anyone claiming to be from RSmarkt, use the livechat!


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